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BIC Stock Magnet 20 mil - medium

BIC Stock Magnet 20 mil - medium BMGSSM20

Medium stick 20 mil. magnets.

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5 working days
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*Shipping weight varies by shape & thickness. Approximate weights shown. Ground shipping recommended to help reduce shipping costs. Production 5 working days. BIC Color matching is by 4-color process, exact matches not guaranteed. Production proof $50 (g) recommended if color is critical (add 5 production days). Minimum type size is 6 point, medium face; .5 pt. thick, minimum line weight. Reverse lines 1 full pt. thick. Screen minimum 10%. Bleeds require art with 1⁄8" outside the cut line. To reproduce photographs, supply 300 dpi digital image in exact size. If CMYK digital photo is not available it will be converted (which may result in color shifts).

Item #: BMGSSM20 500 1000
0.35 0.32 ( C D )
Other charges may apply - contact your Kaeser & Blair Dealer for specific prices and specifications. Please note that all pricing is rounded to the tenth of a penny to offer the best available pricing.
Offer expires : 12/31/2017